Peter Marino 2008

Peter Marino, designer and architect - his work is also appreciated and sought-after by fashion icons -reinterprets luxury on a global scale, redefining the everyday in contemporary terms. This door handle designed for Olivari is a clear example of this concept.


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EDGE, 2008

A geometric structure whose borders frame an inset strip made of various materials, transforming it into an accessory that changes to suit its surroundings.

— Dior Seoul interior, 2015 (ph. Nicolas Borel, courtesy Dior)

— Peter Marino

Wood, glass or Corian each imparts its own stylistic flavor to the door handle. — Antonio Olivari

— Hublot New York, 2016 (ph. Adrian Wilson, courtesy Hublot)

— Bulgari London Boutique, 2015 (ph. Massimo Listri, courtesy Bulgari)