James Irvine 2006

How to design a handle for a firm of such stature? I started making sketches, but kept them to myself. In the beginning, they were strange ideas, and looking at them, I wondered if I really wanted to produce a handle like that. To tell the truth, no. Maybe the handle does not always have to play the leading role. Maybe it can be understated.



LOGO, 2006

Yes, just a handle – not a flower, a spacecraft or an engine component. The simpler I drew it, the more I liked it. Then I had the idea to puff it up a little, to make it more like a comic strip.

— Vroom Vroom, tappeto, Imagomundi 2007

— James Irvine

When Mr Olivari asked me, “What do we call it?” I said that it reminded me of the Olivari logo. Antonio said, “Then Logo it is!” — James Irvine

— Centanni sgabello, Discipline 2012

— Open Chair sedia, Alias 2007

— Design Dance, 2007