As always seemed to happen with Vico, inspiration for Club was born during conversation. Talking with him about the feeling of comfort, he came up with the idea of a leather-clad handle that would be pleasant to touch.


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CLUB, 1999

Along the lines of industrial logic, he designed two tapered half-shells to which the leather was glued. This gave continuity to the form and allowed us to avoid the sewn seam, which would have trapped dirt and been susceptible to wear and tear.

— Eclissi lampada, Artemide 1967

— Vico Magistretti

I immediately found the proposal very interesting and innovative, so we developed it.
— Antonio Olivari

— Nuvola Rossa libreria, Cassina 1977

— Selene sedia, Artemide 1968

— Maralunga divano, Cassina 1973

— Atollo lampada/light, O-luce 1977