crystal diamond

Marcel Wanders 2015

The Crystal family of door handles is a sort of compendium of the history and craftsmanship that our company has developed over more than 100 years.


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It is a luminous and sparkling continuation of the combined minimalist-classicistic personality of Wanders’ Dolce Vita model from 2014. Divided in a brass base and a glass front, the transparency of the glass allows us to look through it and see the reflected decoration on the brass underneath.

— Marcel Wanders, Airborne Snotty Vase: Pollinosis, 2001

— Click to play: Marcel Wanders, Salone del Mobile 2015

— Zeppelin lampada, Flos 2005 / Love sedia, Moooi 2013 / Container Bowl, Moooi 2006 / Knotted Chair, Droog 1996 / Crochet Collection, Moooi 2015 / Parent Chair, Moooi 2009