Ever since I started building, it had been an aspiration of mine to be able to use door handles that were coherent with my idea of architecture as the art of welcoming. One of the first things a person does when entering a building is open the door. That is where the first physical contact takes place, where you “touch” the building. So the handle is a tactile introduction to it. For an architect like me, who thinks that design should involve all five senses, this contact acquires great importance.



ICARO, 1997

I attempted to give people entering “a handshake” by offering them a handle that is at once pleasing and moderately expressive. By rippling the surface slightly, like a leaf or the wing of a bird, my aim was to have them feel something vibrant and alive

— Nuova Chiesa, Calcata 2009

— Paolo Portoghesi

Olivari did the rest, with its habitual elegance.
— Paolo Portoghesi

— Tea&Coffee Piazza, Alessi 1979-1983

— Posate d’argento, Cleto Munari 1984

— Grande Moschea di Roma, 1974