Richard Sapper 1998

Sapper’s design for the Laser door handle is emblematic of the industrial-design approach that was typical during the golden era of the Milanese maestri. The work was based on the progressive refinement of many models that were fine-tuned, balanced and shaped until a satisfactory result was obtained. The departure point was a wooden model built by Sapper. It is very different to the handle currently in production. We keep it jealously preserved in the Olivari archive as proof of the evolution of the formal process.



LASER, 1998

It started out as a solid, sturdy, well-formed grip that also had a strict line to it. The design solution was brought into focus by playing with the double curve of the cross-section of the lever and rotating it slightly along the axis in order to augment the ergonomics.

— Grillo telefono, Siemens Italtel 1965 (conMarco Zanuso)

— Richard Sapper

This step-by-step design method led to impeccable results in form and function.

— Algol televisore, Brionvega 1964 (conMarco Zanuso)

— TS 502 Radio, Brionvega 1963 (conMarco Zanuso)

A balance was achieved between innovation, comfort and simplicity.
— Antonio Olivari

— Tizio lampada, Artemide 1972