Temporally, the Nina handle follows the Denvermodel. Although not with the same intensity, also Nina plays with slight offsets, oblique lines and unexpected cuts. I would define it as feminine compared to Denver, which to me has a more masculine character. I named the handle after my wife, who is a close collaborator on my projects.



NINA, 2012

I love using this handle for my buildings and friends’ houses. Precisely thanks to the handle projects for Olivari, my interest in interior design elements has grown. Door handles are important objects because we use them daily.

— Jewish Museum Berlin, Berlin, 1999/2001

— Daniel Libeskind

Increasingly often, my architectural projects are integral ones, meaning I design everything right down to the last detail. — Daniel Libeskind

— Click to play: Daniel Libeskind, Salone del Mobile 2014

Daniel Libeskind nel 1990 vince il concorso per il Museo Ebraico a Berlino, che lo porta ad essere uno degli architetti più acclamati del panorama internazionale.

— Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco (CA), 2008