Rodolfo Dordoni 2014

The Radial handle is an evolution of the preceding Total model, and in a certain sense it is a sister to it. It expresses the same concept and possesses the same technological solution that made the Total a best-seller.



RADIAL, 2014

Just as the Total is rational, squared and almost aggressive, the radial is rounded, sensual and gives a sensation of softness that invites contact.

— Buds lampada, Foscarini 2016 (courtesy Foscarini)

— Rodolfo Dordoni

Where the Total is based on straight lines and sharp edges, the Radial is based on the curved line and shapeliness.
— Rodolfo Dordoni

— Click to play: Rodolfo Dordoni, Salone del Mobile 2014

The Dordoni Architetti Studio is founded in Milan in 2005 and also develops projects for installations, interiors, and architecture along with its design.

— Chelsea sedia, Molteni 2014 (courtesy Molteni)

— Look armadio, Molteni 2007

— Lawrence divano, Minotti 2017 (courtesy Minotti)