“AElement” electronic locks for hotels feature wireless technology and Olivari handles.

SALTO Systems, a Spanish firm known around the world for its cutting edge solutions in the field of access control and security, launches “AElement”, a new generation of electronic locks for hotels, that makes use of wireless technology.

“AElement’s” wireless technology makes it possible to manage security functions for every single door in a hotel from a central location. In fact, it allows the hotel to control and modify all the advanced management activities of a room, both for guests and for staff. This includes check-in, check-out, extension of period of stay, intrusion monitoring, key card management for hotel cleaning staff… and these are just a few examples of the kinds of information and updating possible in real time, optimizing time and resources! This is a lock that is flexible, technological, reliable, and also a design object.

SALTO Systems chose to partner with Olivari in announcing this important news to the market. Olivari is the recognized Italian brand leader in the industry, offering the ideal combination of quality and design, and able to provide a wide-ranging array of handles for every kind and style of door.

A match made to suit the needs of the hotel industry, but one that can easily be expanded to include public and private offices, and generally speaking, wherever there is a need for security and centralized control.

For full details on this new technology, please visit the AElement website at