Luca Casini 2005

The Planet was born at a time when the squared handle model had not yet appeared on the market as a protagonist. I was attracted by the idea of creating a inear and seemingly sharp-edged handlel that in reality felt soft to the grip, with imperceptibly curved surfaces and an ideal proportion of volumes in terms of aesthetics and functionality.



PLANET, 2005

From this came a rectangular section, softened by rounded edges, which not only improves the ergonomics, but also facilitates the handle’s producibility by moulding.

— Lift, aspiratore, Elica, 2005

— Luca Casini

Now, after many years of production, it is a source of pride to see how it has become a reference model among handles, to the extent that it is used in many important instances of contemporary architecture. — Luca Casini

— Space carving, tavolino, Luca Casini Editions, 2009

— Flame, posate, WMF, 2011

— Mirror, ciotole, DuPont™, 2007